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Alania and James were having the time of their lives. They had turned on the radio really loudly, and had danced around the house together; their drunken states making for a fantastic time.

'Oh, this is fun!' Cried Alania as James spun her around the kitchen. They had pushed the table out of the way and made for a make-shift dance floor on the worn linoleum.

'I know!' Laughed James, abruptly dropping her on her back, and picking her up again to continue the drunken laughter.

'I haven't had fun like this since I was 18.' She said, falling over backwards. She pulled James down with her and he landed on her. She giggled, 'Get off me James,' and pushed him sideways.

There they lay, drunk, exhausted and thoroughly happy with themselves. Alania looked over at James.

'Thanks.' She said.

'You know, ever since I met you, your eyes have drawn me in.' James admitted, laughing.

If Alania had been sober, she would have thanked him. But instead, she replied, 'Yours are gorgeous too.' And then she hiccupped.

'Oh!' She suddenly exclaimed as the radio switched songs. Standing up and pulling James up with her, she said, 'This is my favourite song!'

The song was a slow one, sung by a young female artist. It told the story of Romeo and Juliet; a story that Alania would have wished herself.

James listened to it, and then took her hands and placed them around his neck. He placed his own, somewhat clumsily, on her waist.

They started swaying to the music.

Alania, weakened and tired by their earlier behaviour, leant on his chest; her head against his heart.

'This is nice. Never done this before.' She slurred, eyes closed and swaying with him to the music.

'Yeah,' He replied. 'It is nice isn't it?'

They danced like that for the whole song until Alania fell asleep on him. James, shocked by the sudden limp body against him, caught her before she fell.

'Rightio Alania,' he said, carrying her down the hallway to her bedroom, 'bed time I think.'

James placed her on the bed and pulled the covers over her. He tucked her in and kissed her on the forehead. She was drunk, much more than he. Not only did he drink less, but he had a higher alcohol tolerance. He could still walk in a straight line and keep his head about him.

'Ok…' He thought, closing the door behind him as he walked out.

James decided he would just go home. He had formed a solid friend-based relationship with this hardened woman, and he was content on letting her crave his presence for a few days.

'Make them love you more,' he thought to himself.

But while walking down the corridor, he heard faint snoring from Frank's room. 'That blasted husband of hers' he cursed, opening the door to his room and finding the fifty year old man lying asleep on a stuffed cow.

'Old enough to be her father you pedophile' He said, waking him. Frank looked up at him and smiled.

'James!' He laughed, holding up his cow. James took it from him and he stood up. James walked out with it and Frank followed.

'This is good!' thought James, 'I can get rid of this old fart easily! Tell the cops he must have wandered off, scared when he heard the loud music!'

'Come this way Frank.' He cooed, leading him out the front door and into the street. James walked with the cow for two kilometers, Frank holding his own better than what James expected.

James came to the creek and Frank, without fail, had followed him to it.

'Oh good! Water!' James said excitedly, throwing the cow into it. Frank watched as the cow flew into the middle of the creek water. The water was shallow, someone could easily cross it without getting his knees wet, but for a child, even the slight current in the stagnant water would wash one away.

Even though Frank was a full grown adult, he still walked with a limp, and a current would prove a death penalty for him.

'Cow…' Frank cried.

'Go get it Frank, it's a new game! I hide the cow and you get to find him!' Frank liked this idea, and headed down the back and into the green water.

'Smell bad.' He said, holding his nose as he walked further into the water. The cow was floating on the top of the water, and as he had his back turned, James bolted. If he didn't see anything, he couldn't lie.

After James ran off, Frank tripped on a rock, and went face-first into the shallow green water.
Fifth Chapter in my Currently Untitles series
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