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NEWS FLASH: Apple Shackled by Phantom-Wolf42 NEWS FLASH: Apple Shackled by Phantom-Wolf42
Ok so I finally completed Chris Renner's prize art (he won the first [unofficial] Six Word Story contest that I hold on Facebook), and it's completion was postponed as I needed information about what he wanted in the image. After being fed up with his inability to be social, I went ahead, changed a few things, and completed it as you see here.

Originally, he wanted a dinosaur with a screen face eating pixels, but due to a screen-headed dinosaur looking retarded, I opted to go with a tied-up and controlled Apple Macintosh dinosaur, which is held at bay by Microsoft Windows, and is being fed pixels because of it's digitalness requiring lots of pixels to look awesome.

Yes, the pixels are huge, that is because in reality, I could not mark a pixel with a fine-tipped pen. It is much easier to see what's going on in the image if you can see said pixels.

Firstly, I did a rough sketch, about A3 in size. Went over it in black ink, then traced that onto a new page. Before I inked that, I made additions, omissions and alterations. Then I inked it with regular black ball point pen, and scratched the image into the page underneath.
I then turned the page over, and traced the grooves with fineliner. I scanned the large image in two parts (our scanner, though epic, is only A4) then digitally enhanced the line art and stuck the two halves together using Gimp 2.6.
I then printed the line art off on an A4 page, coloured it in, edited it in Gimp, and uploaded it as you see here.

The original line art sketch is A4 in size, and will end up stuck to my wall along with all my other art, while the finalised version will go to the prize winner - Chris.

Overall, I am pleased with this piece.

Congratulations on winning the contest Chris! His winning entry seen below;

"Bluescreen of death, made me sad"
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February 28, 2011
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